Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Canadian Blood for Canadians

“Canadian Blood for Canadians”

Hey, how about that for a slogan to promote International Blood Donor Day?

The local head of Canadian Blood Services appeared on local radio station CKOV yesterday to encourage people to give blood. Canadian Blood for Canadians? Hey, what about us?

Here’s my email to John Michaels, the talk show host:

Hi John,

If you're going to make an effort to encourage people to donate blood on International Blood Donor Day, it's a good idea actually to encourage people to donate.

I am a landed immigrant. I pay income taxes here. I pay property taxes here. I spend money for goods and services right here in Kelowna. I pay my BC MSP bills on time, and generally without complaint. I also donate blood here, and CBS seems happy enough to take my American blood. Maybe they just pour it down the drain after I leave the clinic?

While it is reassuring to know that the blood supply in Canada is controlled by an Canadian agency (!), and that blood and blood products for use here in Canada come from people in Canada, remarks like "Canadian blood for Canadians," as your guest this morning proclaimed, are simply inaccurate. As well, they have the effect of discouraging a good-sized chunk of the local population from participating in this important opportunity to save lives. Canadian lives, chiefly. I hope your future promotional efforts for International Blood Donor Day will be more inclusive.

Thanks for letting me vent. I do enjoy your program and am a regular listener.

Cate Eales

Cate Eales
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"As Canadian as possible under the circumstances." ~ E. Heather Scott - 1972 ~

Well…he called me this morning and had me on the talk show. What a guy. What’s it like to be an American in Canada? It takes some getting used to.

I guess I'd better get down there and donate blood.